Master Rails in 8 hours without learning all the APIs

Discover how some programmers seem to know everything about Rails, fix all the bugs, build and deploy an app in a few hours.

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Have you ever wondered how some programmers seem to know everything about Rails, but you feel you can't keep up with all the changes?

This class is not about making you learn by heart any of the Rails APIs. This class is about understanding how it works once and for all. This class is about OWNING the damn thing! Your friends will regard you with respect, your family will celebrate your birthday twice a year, your dog will clean the house and wash dishes, DHH will beg you for a retweet!

Jokes aside, Owning Rails has been running for more than two years and is still selling out in just a few days. Want to know why? Because it works!

« Fixed a bug because I knew how to deep dive into Rails source.

Learned the techniques in Owning Rails class [...] »

Gavin Miller via Twitter

The Teacher

Taught by Marc-André Cournoyer, creator of Thin

During my seven years of developing Rails apps, people asked me how I seem to know the Rails APIs and internals by heart. I often joked that I was spending lots of time reading the docs. Well ... I'll tell you my secret: I don't. I read the source code and I understand the design patterns and the architecture behind it.

That is what I will teach you in this class. I won't teach you specific APIs or make you memorize code like some tutorials do. I will teach you how to find your way in the Rails source code quickly to help you write your app faster.


Marc-André Cournoyer ·

I've been teaching developers for the past five years. Previously, I created Thin, the high performance web server used at Heroku, Apple and CloudFoundry. I've also been creating complex Rails applications, like Talker, for more than eight years. In the process, I learned a lot about deployment, performance and Rails internals. I also dove deeply inside the Ruby language by creating my own Ruby implementation, tinyrb.


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Here's what you'll learn in this class

  • Understand the inner working of Rails by building a mini-version of Rails, from scratch.
  • Should this go in the model, the view, the controller or in a helper? You'll know instantly where to put your code using the simple rules I teach in this class.
  • Did you ever bang your head on a bug only to find out days later it was a Rails bug? I will teach you to read Rails code to discover bugs in minutes instead of days.
  • You'll be able to use Rails undocumented features such as responders, custom validators and form builders by quickly skimming over its internal code.
  • Never get stuck in the framework again. Make Rails do what you want by altering its internals.
  • Write extremely concise and reusable Rails code by understanding all the features it offers.
  • Understand the path of a request in Rails, how a view is rendered ...
  • And much more ...

You will also take home

  • Downloadable copy of the slides used in the class.
  • Cheatsheets summarizing important points for quick reference.
  • Downloadable video recording of the class.
  • Code from the class you can share, modify and reuse.
  • Eternal and permanent awesomeness.
  • Bonus A copy of Create Your Own Programming Language

How it works

Everything is online. Pants optional.

Everything is online, you only need a web browser with Adobe Flash support for the video and audio.

We all meet at a given time in a chat room where you'll get instructions to start watching the streaming video of the class.

I will present the content using slides and live coding sessions. You can ask questions at any time using the chat room. Each module will end with a period of questions and exercises.

You will never appear on video. You only need to watch the live video of the class. You ask questions in the text-based chat room.

If you miss any part of the live class you can watch the recording of it any time you want.


A computer, an internet connection and Ruby? You're all set.

During the class I will use Ruby 2.0 and the latest version of Rails. Code will be pushed using Git. And SQLite will be used as the database engine. You probably have all of this installed already.

Who is it for

What you need to know before taking this class

You should take this class if you are a ...

  • Rails developer who wants to step up their game.
  • Rails developer who wants to create apps faster.
  • Rails developer who wants to contribute to Rails.
  • Rails developer who wants to extend Rails.
  • Rails developer who wants to learn the internals of Rails.
  • Developer who want to understand how Rails work inside.

You should NOT take this class if ...

  • You want an easy and casual class. This class is intense!
  • You are getting started with Rails.
  • You have never created a Rails app (for fun or profit).
  • You are David Heinemeier Hansson.
  • You are a pony.
  • You think none of this is funny. Because I believe learning should be fun, everything is done with lots of humor.

Still not sure what is required to take this class? Drop me a line.


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What you get


Places are limited & they go fast!

This class will be highly interactive, I want to be able to answer all of your questions. Thus, each class is limited to 25 people. Keep in mind, previous editions sold out in just a few days.

How much?

Most Rails training classes go for about $1,500 and up, but I want to keep this class accessible. The price for the full 8 hours of interactive class, cheatsheets, exercises and a copy of Create Your Own Programming Language is $529.

Love it or it's free!

However, if at any time during the class you feel that you're not getting your money's worth, I'll give you your money back and you keep all the material, no questions asked. There are no risks, you can't lose.

« The course was fantastic, it really changed "wow [this] is magic" into "it’s not magic, I know how it works and I can find the code that makes it happen". »

Dave Harris


Choose between three Packages

Recordings of previous class

Everything you need to master Rails.

  • Day 1: Rebuilding Rails (~4h, MP4)
    Rebuild from scratch a mini-version of Rails.
  • Day 2: Diving into Rails source (~4h, MP4)
    Learn to browse the Rails source code

Price: $279

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Also includes downloadable slides, cheatsheets, recordings and a copy of Create Your Own Programming Language.

See you in class,


P.S.: Still not sure you should take this class? Got some questions? Drop me a line and let me know.